Our Mission

We are shit disrupters.  Literally.  We are reinventing the toilet so 40% of us have a better shot at staying healthy, being productive, getting educated....and surviving.


Our Story

Sankoya is a for-profit social enterprise.  We are engineers, designers, researchers and plain old do-gooders who share a common desire to make the world a better place.  

The Toronto Toilet, our affectionate moniker, is the brain child of Dr. Yu-Ling Cheng.  As Director of University of Toronto's Centre for Global Engineering, Dr. Cheng has long been fascinated by how modern engineering can be applied to solve some of the world's greatest problems.  

Invited to participate in Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation's Reinvent the Toilet Challenge, Dr. Cheng and her team realized early success when they were one of the top finalists for their freshman effort.  And for the next 6 years (and counting), the Gates Foundation continues to support the team as they have made significant strides in refining the Toronto Toilet.

Yu-Ling Cheng might not be a household name, but her invention could end up in households around the world.

It’s a toilet that the passionate professor has described as magical.
— Paul Hunter, Toronto Star

The Road Ahead

Our toilet works in the lab and have completed two successful field tests in Coimbatore India.  We continue to forge forward with more testing, tweaking and scaling.   The journey is long and sometimes windy.  But there is a light at the end of the tunnel and we are thrilled that the Toronto Toilet will have a role in:

  • Improving a child's odds of survival and staying healthy
  • Keeping girls safe and in school
  • Providing the most basic needs to the world's most underserved populations
  • Restoring dignity